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Mr. Bathing Ape by United Arrows - Second Delivery

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Previously born for the streets and active urban youths, A Bathing Ape has grown up and added a little aristocratic touch to its products with the help of Japanese retailer, United Arrows. The collection, bestowed with a gentlemanly title-- Mr. Bathing Ape, was debuted at the end of last year and finally hit the racks in March, much to the urban dandy's delight. The collection is quite an awe-inspiring one because it doesn't only revive classic shapes and tries to incorporate three-piece suits then, quickly calling it a day. The collection is filled with thoughtful details and constructions which hints at incorporating Bathing Ape's youthful energy into slightly more mature and formal pieces.

For instance, brogue shoes are decorated with perforated Bape Sta logo and gleaming silk ties that beckon to be taken out for cocktail parties are printed with the same playful Bape Sta logo. Denim back pockets featuring mustache-shaped stitching, which match the mustache Mr. Bathing Ape dons for this collaboration. The second delivery has finally hit stores and is ready for purchase at United Arrow & Sons, so enjoy, and check it out to ease your way into dressing like a gentleman. At the same time, who says gentlemen can't have a sense of humor? via: NIGO