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The Sneaker Coloring Book

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For the sneakerhead who is also a five-year old at heart, Daniel Jarosch and Henri Klingel of design studio, PKNTS, have decided to take the process of custom sneakers back to a more rudimentary level, back on paper and with a lot more enjoyable private moments. Their newly launched "The Sneaker Coloring Book" features 100 of the most iconic and popular sneaker designs from 1916 to the present day, spanning across 16 labels ranging from Nike to adidas Originals, Puma and Onitsuka Tiger.

The coloring book is more than just shapes of perennial sneaker favorites, but the 216 page coloring tome is more like an encyclopedia of kicks, detailing the launch dates, brand, model, name and category of the sneakers. The book is currently available for purchase via Laurence King Publishing, so get your color pencils and crayons ready to get some serious creative action going. As for the eternal coloring controversy about staying within the lines...that's all up to your creative digression.