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Nike Write The Future - Wayne Rooney Lives In A Caravan | Video

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Writing the future sounds like a pretty optimistic life philosophy, right? In Nike's new 2010 FIFA World Cup advertisement, the writing your own future is not necessarily all rainbows and butterflies and popcorn candy showers, because, one wrong move and you might be living in a trailer park. Come May 22, Nike is set to release a full length Write The Future commercial, but this week sees sneak peeks and previews on the Internet. And first up in the series is an advertisement featuring Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, as we hope to never see him again.

In the ad, Rooney lives in a caravan, carries a lot of weight in the middle and recalls a missed pass during a game with France during the World Cup, after which Franck Ribery intercepted the ball...and well, the rest is history, and Rooney lives in a make shift home. Perhaps France supporters are rejoicing at this video and hoping it will be prophetic for the tournament, but, for the sake of a fun game, let's hope Nike didn't nail the game on the head.