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APPLEBUM - MJ Says T-Shirts

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MJ Says T-Shirt White

APPLEBUM pays tribute to the world's best basketball player of all times, Micheal Jordan, with its latest MJ Says T-Shirts. As the title suggests, the graphic or the text on the front of the shirt is an interview with Jordan after the critical win on May 31st, 1988. The shirt is available in two colorways- white on black and black on white. APPLEBUM being a Japanese brand, has translated the English text featured on the outside into Japanese and printed the translation on the inside of the t-shirt. Whether you are not opposed to the whole sartorial deconstructionism by wearing t-shirts inside out with seams in plain sight or you are one to simply revel in the execution of details, the translation print is a fun touch to an otherwise normal t-shirt. Currently these are available at APPLEBUM online store and stockists.

MJ Says T-Shirt White 2

MJ Says T-Shirt Black

MJ Says T-Shirt Black 2

MJ Says T-Shirt Black 3