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"Futebol Arte: Brasil" at The Montalban | Event Recap

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Home to the legendary Pele and holder of five World Cup championship titles, and also the only team to have played in every single World Cup, Brasil is pretty much a uncontested soccer superpower, and almost a Lakers equivalent for the game. As the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be officially kicking off with fanfare, celebration, team loyalty, cheering, yelling and more, labels and stores all over the world have been turning their soccer fervor up a few notches with exhibitions, displays, parties and goodies. The City of Angels and Nike Sportswear are not ones to fall off the bandwagon, and had held a Brazilian themed night to celebrate the history, art, culture and soccer fever of Brazil at The Montalban.

The night featured a rooftop reception with drummers, capoeiristas and a live Bossanova band, before the guests moved into the theater for the screening of Cadencia directed by Daren Bartlette, which explores the cadence and rhythm of Rio through arts, soccer, dance, and everything else Brazilian. The night also marks the launch fo the Brasil Black Pack, and closed with a cocktail reception where guests mingled and sipped Brazilian concoctions. Since Brazil is one of the most watched and up-and-coming countries (it will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics) in terms of culture, arts, design and economy, it would be a good country to get acquainted with. Check out the event recap before the football action kicks off in June! via: The Montalban