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The Selby x Louis Vuitton - Making Of The Journey of A Man's Wardrobe | Video

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The Selby has not only been making his way through labels across different consumer stratum but is also making his way across the world in his seemingly endless surge of collaborative projects. After jetsetting around for Converse Jack Purcell, The Selby has once again packed his bags and boarded more flights to document The Journey of A Man's Wardrobe for Louis Vuitton. While we had previously posted the finished product which featured creative types around the world such as Verbal and H. Koon Wee in their spaces with their Louis Vuitton, here is a behind-the-scenes video featuring The Selby talking about the project.

The Selby as a project, is an exploration of creative types and a photographic biographical account of who these people are beyond interviews and words and hearsay, and letting the audience define these people through their possessions. With the Louis Vuitton collaboration, The Selby muses on how people with distinctly different styles wear and use the same Louis Vuitton collections into their lives. Check out the behind-the-scenes video, and do visit The Journey of A Man's Wardrobe microsite which has the complete look of the campaign.