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Stussy Deluxe x Greensleeves - T-Shirts and Book

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Stussy x Greensleeves

When Stussy wanted to collaborate on making a mixtape with a record company, it was not an easy to decide who they want to work with, since Stussy wanted the mixtape to be full of classic tunes that connected with Stussy as a brand as well.

Eventually, Stussy decided on working with the Greensleeves as both the label and record label emerged in the same era (Greensleeves in the late 70s and Stussy in the early 80s). Aside from that, since Stussy was very much inspired by reggae music and culture (as with the Greensleeves), the partnership was a natural and fitting one. What started as a mixtape project, it evolved into making a book then t-shirt collection. The book, titled Greensleeves: The First 100 Covers, features the album covers used on its first 100 albums releases. On top of that it is also packed with archive photos and interviews with key personnel at the record label.

Greensleeves The First 100 Covers Book

Greensleeves The First 100 Covers Book 2

Greensleeves The First 100 Covers Book 3

Stussy x Greensleeves 3

Stussy x Greensleeves 2

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