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Nike 2010 Roland Garros Pack – Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

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Before the all hell breaks loose for 2010 FIFA World Cup and the gates of soccer unleashes hordes of soccer hooligans into the world, another sporting event shall incite competitive fury amongst spectators– the 2010 French Open. For this key tennis tournament, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal shall meet on the courts, and the ancient sporting arch-rivalry will once again, break loose and hence glue people to their television sets or local sports bars, with the gusto equivalent to when King James faced off with Kobe.

To prep two of the most highly regarded tennis players of the moment for their big game at the Roland Garros, Nike has outfitted Nadal and Federer with some of the most technical performance gear. To start off, Federer will be wearing the Nike Lunarlite Vapor Tour in White/Obsidian which incorporates the ultra-light and ultra-supportive Flywire technology, alongside Lunarlite midsoles for added traction and stability. Complementing Federer’s olive skin tones are monochromatic teal polo featuring the “RF” logo with white shorts to match. As for Nadal, the tennis whiz will be pacing the courts in the Nike Air Court Ballistic 2.3 in grey and lime green, featuring the DragOnX technology for added mobility, speed and comfort. In terms of apparel, Nadal will be wearing matching color-blocked grew-cut tee with white shorts.

The game is set to air this Sunday, so stay tuned, for what shall become one of the most memorable sports rivalry moments in the making.