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Reebok x EMPORIO ARMANI - Fall/Winter 2010 - Footwear Collection

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In a world where collaborations are more often abused as a gimmick rather than as originally intended-- for two labels to tap into each other resources and create something better-- it is getting increasingly more difficult to find collaborations that truly surprise or open up an uncharted territory. While sneakers and sportswear labels have been furiously collaborating across industries from music to art to luxury labels, sportswear collaborations often steer away from performance and technology, and instead, focus quite solely on design and form. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but in the case of Reebok and Italian fashion house EMPORIO ARMANI's latest collaboration, glamor, luxury and technology are not mutually exclusive concepts.

The collaborative venture set to release this coming Fall is quite a perfect blend of sporting expertise from Reebok and uptown sophistication from Emporio Armani. In terms of footwear, several interesting things happened in the condensed footwear collection featuring four styles-- the now two decade old and highly celebrated on-court hero, the Pump, has made its way into the collaboration, alongside other specialized Reebok performance technology such as the shock-absorbing DMX Mega cushioning and HexRide.

The key stand outpieces include the Mega Chic, which is essentially a sneaker masquerading around as a pair of sleek Italian lace-up dress shoes with a textured leather upper, rubber injected handmade leather sole, but remixed with the DMX Mega technology in the heel. Along the same business dressy route, the Pump Mega is a slip-on traditional dress shoe that got a little technical that fulfills both Italian foot fancy and sneaker whims with a sleek and tapered dress shoe shape, fused with the Pump technology. Perhaps the only pair of dress shoe that fits like a glove on command, the Pump Mega and the Mega chic are quite the surprising pioneers that explore the possibility of crossing the boundaries of performance and style.

Aside from the dressier styles, the collection also sports two simple vintage styles, the Pump Vintage (also comes with Pump technology for both mid and low-top options) and the Vintage Runner, which are more casual and comes emblazoned with a large tonal Emporio Armani logo. The entire collection of footwear walks on both sides of newness and timelessness (the palette is Emporio Armani's signature muted shades of black, white, cream and grey), and is set to once again renew the concept of collaboration. Check out our event recap at the preview from last night, the footwear collection, and stay tuned for more information to come.