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Bedwin & The Heartbreakers - Brad 6/L Star Crazy Pants

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Brad 6L Star Crazy Pants 6

A pair of  swimming shorts with an all-over polka-dotted pattern have dropped from Bedwin & The Heartbreakers. Oh, behold... the polka-dots are actually little stars masquerading around as circles. The Brad 6/L Star Crazy Pants, unlike your regular shorts have a slimmer silhouette and is longer in length, but shorter than three-quarter length shorts, thus a little more contemporary and fitting. Even though these shorts come in black-and-white, it is a little bit more complex and interesting with a contrasting polka-starred pattern on one leg and monochromatic black on the other. Rear right pocket is also constructed with the polka-starred fabric, making it stand out against the plain black back drop. via: ARKnets

Brad 6L Star Crazy Pants

Brad 6L Star Crazy Pants 2

Brad 6L Star Crazy Pants 3

Brad 6L Star Crazy Pants 4

Brad 6L Star Crazy Pants 5