Nike 10AC - No Sleeve Parka and Pants

No Sleeve Parka Yellow 2

For the Nike 10AC Spring/Summer 2010 collection, the label laser focused their attention to speed, and these No Sleeve Parka and Three Quarter Pants convey just that. With a multi-colored diagonal striped graphic representing speed and deftness, the colorful set up is perfect for pushing that last mile in your workout. The base fabric is made stretchable, and thus gives its wearer more flexibility when moving around. Further more, the DRI-FIT technology has been integrated into the fabric, and thus, is excellent for fast drying. There are also interesting details on the items such as the zipper placket with star-shaped cut-outs, which also double as ventilation holes. It is a good example of function and style all in one without compromising either.

No Sleeve Parka White

No Sleeve Parka Yellow

No Sleeve Parka Yellow 3

No Sleeve Parka Yellow 4

Three Quarter Pants Black

Three Quarter Pants Yellow

Three Quarter Pants Yellow 2

Three Quarter Pants Yellow 3

Three Quarter Pants Yellow 4