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Nike Write The Future | Full Length Video

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It is at the end of the game. The scores are uncomfortably close at 3-2, and one free kick that makes it, is all it takes to send the nation into exhilarated celebration, or crushed into the abyss of depression for the next three years. One kick, is all it takes to write the future. In Nike's latest 2010 FIFA World Cup campaign, Write The Future, the sportswear giant explores the meaning, the intensity and the volatile nature of sports. As we had previously unveiled a preview video feature Wayne Rooney living in a trailer park after missing a goal, the full length-video of the Write The Future campaign is now available for viewing.

The video features three of soccer's brightest stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba. Whether a statue will be erected in Ronaldo's honor, or Rooney will be knighted by the Queen, it all comes down to that one kick, and Nike imagines what might happen, if that kick went steadfastedly into the goal, or missed it by a graze. Take a deep breathe, then enjoy the video, because with all the intense action going on, this will make you want to jump up and down in your seat, fist bump no one in particular and dream about soccer for the next few weeks.