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BBC/Ice Cream - May 2010 | New Releases

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Ice Cream

This weekend will see another fresh drops from Ice Cream with some Summery treats. Kicking things off for the Summer with the staple Waffle Cargo Shorts in beige colorway which can be matched up with either the Ice Cream Cocktail t-shirt or the French Breakfast t-shirt in brightly pink and white colors. Each featuring a monotone illustrative style graphic on the front and Ice Cream logo on the back. For a more low key look, the Slanted Pocket Short Sleeve Flannel Shirt are produced in brown, blue or red color combinations. All of the items will be available from Sunday, May 23rd from Ice Cream stores.

Slanted Pocket Short Sleeve Flannel Shirt

French Breakfast

French Breakfast 2

Ice Cream Cocktail 2

Ice Cream Cocktail

Waffle Cargo Shorts

Waffle Cargo Shorts 2