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Rizk Automobile x 57' Aston Martin DBR2

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Look at that form, look at that body. Even if this will probably cost you a small farm in Kentucky, or the down payment of a condo, it would be well-worth it. Rizk Automobile is a group of Arizona based engineers, artists and designers who had embarked on a wheely adventure by reworking some of the most coveted classic cars from the mid 20th century into speed monsters with aviation grade technological updates. This 57' Aston Martin DBR2 is an excellent example of the great work Rizk Automobile is doing, fusing classic design with uptown luxury and unparalleled engineering. The remixed Aston Martin is a retro-futuristic ride with a gorgeously streamlined silver body, mixed in with quilted red leather interior that are slightly reminiscent of good ol' American diners. These rides are made to order, and since it might be exorbitantly expensive, price is only available upon request.