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White Mountaineering - BLK Cook Sandal

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BLK Cook Sandal Black 3

The BLK line from White Mountaineering is the sub line of the main White Mountaineering collection and contains items that are totally based on the black color. From the BLK line comes the Cook Sandal which is a basic velcro style sandals that blends traditional sandal design with current technology and materials. The polyester exterior material are trimmed with white piping on the edges. Two colorways are produced in black/white version and all white version with each printed by BLK logo on the inner soles. These would come in handy for the upcoming seasons for town use or at the beach. via: Tokishirazu

BLK Cook Sandal White

BLK Cook Sandal Black

BLK Cook Sandal Black 2

BLK Cook Sandal Black 4