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NEIGHBORHOOD x BAPE - BrotherHood Collection

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Brotherhood is perhaps one of the most aged social concepts and human relation around. Whether it is as clandestine as the secret societies in the days of yore, or as easygoing as the college fraternities today, brotherhood has cone to represent an irreplaceable bond between men-- albeit something slightly byzantine to those outside the brotherhood. This year, BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD (both labels born in Harajuku in 1996 and shared the same desire to revolutionize the sartorial scene in Japan at that time) have come together and joined hands to collaborate on a collection which reaffirms their relationship and bond.
The collection of apparel and accessories feature a few interesting themes and motifs including racing and the a new co-branded logo which looks deceptively reminiscent of the Yankees' logo (and what better motifs are there to illustrate the concept of brotherhood than sportsmanship and speed?). The collection features a cool dark palette and are co-branded. Some stand out pieces include the rugged Car Club jacket which features co-branded embroidery on the back and a simple logo on the front. On the accessories front, the Converse Chuck Taylor-like Ape Sta Hi has been dressed in the new co-branded monogram logo as well. All items are currently available for viewing online at NEIGHBORHOOD, so check them out.