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Stussy x James Jarvis - Summer 2010 T-Shirt Collection

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Stussy has teamed up with UK artist, James Jarvis (who was also one of the six collaborators in Nike's Six (6) Collaboration) to bring Jarvis' quirky sense of humor to the perennial collaboration canvas-- the t-shirt. This collaboration features three graphic t-shirts with Jarvis' iconic lumpy characters, which in his own words, are kind of bland-looking, but these generic lobs bring a certain sense of humor to the table when paired with witty one-liners or scenarios.

The t-shirts turned out to be a fun commentary on art, music and life and rally people to do things like "keep you art to yourself" or "dance now, think later". These t-shirts are currently available for purchase online at Stussy. And as a part of the collaboration's launch, Stussy has interviewed Jarvis and the artist talks about everything from how he got into the business of illustrations and the trajectory of his inspirations.