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NEIGHBORHOOD x BAPE - Bro.Hood Collection | BAPE Exclusive

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As per reported, Japan's NEIGHBORHOOD and BAPE share a little more than just popularity on the streets. Both labels are born in the streets of Harajuku and first opened up in 1996, forming a rather formidable and kindred bond. This season, in revisiting the concept of something a little deeper than water-- brotherhood-- the labels came together and collaborated on a capsule collection of apparel and footwear named Bro.Hood. This collection sports jackets, short-sleeved button-downs, t-shirts, sneakers and hoodies, and are two exclusive packs are made to be distributed at different venues. The darker palette -- a pack of black and navy based items-- will be sold exclusively through NEIGHBORHOOD, and here, we have a lighter, white and khaki-based collection to be sold exclusively through BAPE.

Despite the variation in color, both collections feature the same styles and are co-branded with a collaborative monogram logo, and emblazoned with racing and sports motifs (the collaborative logo looks quite deceptively like the Yankee logo). The BAPE exclusive collection, like the NEIGHBORHOOD exclusive, is set to drop on Jun 19. So simply remember to grab yours to be a part of the coveted brotherhood.