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The Making of Nike Write The Future | Video

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When Nike's smash hit "Write The Future" advertisement aired, many were captivated by the advertisement's ability to capture the essence of competitive spirit and skills involved in sports, but many also wondered, how did Nike manage to gather some of the world's greatest athletes under one roof and rally them into one campaign advertisement? Did they really find a footage of Kobe Bryant doing a quick dance on the courts? Or did they digitally edit that in? The brains behind this amazing campaign that has successfully entertained and got the crowd excited for Nike's role in 2010 FIFA World Cup, W+K, appeared alongside the key players in this advertisement and talk about their experience in making the video.

Didiger Drogba, Wayne Rooney, and director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu stepped in front of the camera once again to share their experience in shooting the video and working with other athletes in general. Enjoy!