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adidas - adiCup 2010 Tokyo

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After buckets of blood, sweat and tears (perhaps more so buckets of sweat and tears than of blood), adiCup has finally wrapped in New York City, with The Diner Old Boys representing the good old stateside in the finals to be held at Germany, competing against three other cities (Tokyo, London and Berlin) for a chance to attend the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Taking the formula of creative types plus sportsmanship plus soccer balls, cleats, cool uniform and undying passion to win, adiCup will be arriving in Tokyo this weekend to distract the creative souls from their computers and canvases for a day out on the soccer field. For this event, adidas has created a special official adiCup program which not only details the itinerary for the competition, but also has features more detailed information about teams, and what seems like a forward by Kazuki Kuraishi.

Stay tuned for more information about special collaborative adidas Consortium jerseys and event recaps to come! via: Shoe Master