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Girl Skateboard x Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Collection

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For something that doesn't have a smile (Stipulated: Doesn't have a mouth to.) and has beady eyes, Hello Kitty looks surprisingly lovable and innocent, and has won fans from young to old and intrigued across the gender board for the past three-and-a-half decades. As Hello Kitty celebrated its 35th Anniversary, one of the world's most beloved feline has managed to draw out an impressive battalion of labels for commemorative collaborations. Amongst the ranks of collaborators is Girl Skateboards founded by pro-skaters Mike Carroll and Rick Howards.

This collaborative collection consists of a deck, wheels and tee. The collaborative deck features not just Hello Kitty, but all her aww-worthy belongings and tiny critter friends, stacked haphazardly in an overwhelming cuteness on the back. On the front, things stay a little simpler with a red black ground, Hello Kitty and a simple co-branded birthday greeting. The t-shirt is black and features the same graphics as spotted on the skate deck, while the wheels are simply dressed in blue with a little Hello Kitty emblazoned on it.

Perfect for the girl who skates, these are currently available at select Girl Skateboards retailers such as Atlas.