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Pierre Hardy - Limited Edition La Colorama Graff Hi-Top Sneaker | Available Now

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Pierre Hardy may have started out as a ladies' man (not in the sense fraternizing sense, but in a design supply sense) by making the iconic sexy peep-toe stilettos, but when it comes to designing for men, Hardy is more about art. For seasons now, the French designer has been designing limited edition sneakers for men, and each time around, he draws inspiration from either an artist or a type of work. This season, Hardy took artistic cues from graffiti art and turned his signature hi-top canvas into wearable art with a life of its own.

The La Colorama Graff Hi-Top Sneaker features the intertwining lines, free shapes, blacked outlines and bright colors characteristic of graffiti. Each component is carefully crafted from premium leather, suede and patent leather, and painstakingly layered and stitched together for an added three-dimensional quality and depth.

The sneakers, slated to belong to the Fall/Winter 2010 season, has been released a little earlier than what one would expect from a Fall/Winter release, and are currently available at colette and select retailers. Since there are only 500 pairs available, waiting is not recommended for those who are feeling for them.