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Stussy 30th Anniversary Party - Paris

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Stussy is celebrating its hard-earned and well-deserved 30th Anniversary this year, and aside from inviting an impressive list of friends to create collaborative products in commemorating three decades of making it in the volatile industry, Stussy is also having the perennial birthday celebration event-- party! In Paris, Stussy will not only be having your regular music and drinks and good friends party, the label will also be hosting a heritage feature exhibition at colette, and a Kenneth Cappello photo show which reinterpretes the Stussy brand.

For the events going on in Paris, Stussy has also enlisted the help of Dutch artist Parra to create some art for the festivities. An interesting piece to note is Parra's reinterpretation of the iconic Stussy logo and font which can often be found on the label's products, detailing where Stussy can be found. The celebration will go through the entire month of June, so do take the dates into consideration if you will be in Paris then! via: SlamJam