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All City: The Street Art iPhone App

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There has always been a controversy about where graffiti art belongs these days. Does it belong in the museum? Does it belong in the commercial realm? Or does it, against all evolution and change, should still belong to the people and the streets, despite being subjected to possible destruction? For those who are graffiti purists and believe that street art should belong in the streets, but still wishes to have easy access to information about the art like one does at MoMA, Marcus White and Kayce Thompson-Russ from Brooklyn have developed the perfect solution called All City.

Simply put, All City is an iPhone application which is quite like wikipedia. The application allows one to pull up important or intriguing pieces close to your location, so if you are in the mood for a little tag here and there, it will have information on the artist and the piece. And very much like wikipedia, the application also allows for user generated content. Users can upload photos, enter new information and tag works that they discover on their travels or explorations.

For those who have tried audio guides in museums, one would know that looking at art with an informed mind is quite different from simply staring at the visuals. This is currently available at the iPhone App store, so do support, download, and give it a quick whirl.