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Dr. Romanelli x The Real McCoys - USN: Live Fast Die Young


The collaborator of collaborators who approaches creation with the meticulous determination of a surgeon, Dr. Romanelli has worked with Japan's The Real McCoys to create some United Stated Navy (USN) inspired items, set to hit Barneys Japan tomorrow at a limited run of 15 pieces each.

These items combine Dr. Romanelli's signature surgical and medical motifs with rugged military inspiration which happened to rule the runway for this season. This collection sports an olive jacket and a chambray short-sleeved button down, both featuring the "USNS Nautilus Diving Medical Technician" motif (also, if you don't already know, dving medical technician is a legitimate and real profession for medical personnel who are also qualified as divers). For this special USN inspired release, Dr. Romanelli reworked his logo onto an anchor and docks it on the front of the jacket and the button down shirt.

Don't worry about matching with your other clothes-- the only thing you need to go with these items are a little bit of attitude and good ol' machismo.