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Stussy 2010 World Cup T-Shirt Collection | Releasing Tomorrow

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It's only less that three weeks before 2010 FIFA World Cup will be drawing hoards of soccer fanatics to sports bars, or for the more affluent, South Africa. As 2010 FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sports events in the world, everyone wants a slice of the World Cup pie, and brands, retailers and companies everywhere are looking to get on the World Cup mother ship. To commemorate and celebrate the epic soccer adventure, Stussy has created a series of special World Cup t-shirts set to release tomorrow at Stussy Chapter stores.

There are two designs of t-shirts, one of them tweaks the classic Stussy logo tee by swapping out the signature Stussy cities around the world for World Cup teams and cities and the other plays off Stussy's signature photographic t-shirt style. The tweaked photo t-shirts come in three colorways (each colorway features a different picture), while the cities t-shirt comes in two colorways-- black and white. Check them out and hit up your closest Stussy Chapter for something to wear for the World Cup month (Yes, perhaps you already have jerseys, but, who has time to do laundry when there are games to watch?).