Nike Dunk High Customs - Iron Man + War Machine by Diversitile


Just like the Iron Man suit, there have been several attempts to replicate the Iron Man strength, gusto and practically limitless power onto shoes, but not everyone can do it with flair and execute it to working perfection. Diversitile is one of the few customization groups which has surpassed expectations, pulled a Tony Stark and created one of the best Nike Dunk High Iron Man themed customs in the market at the moment. In this pack of Nike Dunk High customs, Diversitile drew inspiration from the protagonist Iron Man and his side kick, War Machine.

The Nike Dunk Highs have been customized with a worn rustic look, and is constructed in greater detail and complexity than some of the Iron Man inspired colorways we have seen. The leather has been distressed to resemble the suit's worn, rustic look after battles, crashes and explosions. One of the coolest things to note are the triangular and circular power source patches and meticulously hand-painted on rivet details.

Both pairs are set to release soon, but they will of course, be produced in limited quantities. So stay tuned for the release date, and then the only decision you would have to make is whether you possess more of the reckless Iron Man bravado or the stately demeanor of the War Machine. via: Diversitile