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Nike Stadium Berlin Opening

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Nike Stadium may be named after a certain kind of sporting facility, but don't be surprised if not all Nike Stadiums resemble large open grassy patches that one can cross train and run laps on. Stadium, in this sense, is more of a concept, and a celebration of the sporting community, and a space where sports, people and creativity come to meet. In preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Nike Stadium has been popping up all over the world-- sometimes indoors, sometimes in stores, and sometimes not really. After New York City, Paris and Tokyo, Berlin has finally gotten its very own Nike Stadium, and this venture is a fusion of the best of both worlds-- combining the refined curatorial abilities of Berlin's quintessential Firmament, and of course, Nike (which is pretty self-explanatory).

On May 12, Firmament unveiled its new contemporary yet natural made-over space designed by renown architect Roger Bundschuh and artist Cosima von Bonin with a mix of dark brown walnut wood and whites. This new location now not only houses the coveted Nike Write The Future products, but it also comes with a hidden built-in olive tree in the back and a changing room (which comes with built-in lockers of soccer heroes C. Ronaldo and F. Ribéry).

At the opening, the ever-sporty, ever-passionate and ever-chic Berlin crowd also enjoyed a special showcase, "Dress of a Nation", by internationally known producers Apparat + Phon.o in collaboration with Pfadfinderei. Check out images of the store and the event as Nike Stadiums extends its global prowess to cities all around the world.