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55DSL x PANINI - Limited Edition World Cup T-Shirt Collection | Available Now

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The diffusion brand of Diesel, 55DSL is somewhat like the more playful, more reckless younger brother of the Italian label who is into pushing limits by riding waves, or simply pushing a deck along the streets. With a penchant for all things adrenaline related, 55DSL, is not about to miss out on the 2010 FIFA World Cup fanfare. As a part of the label's participation in celebrating the highly anticipated international sporting event, 55DSL is not only hosting an epic galactic foosball competition, it is also releasing a limited edition collection of World Cup T-Shirts.

This limited edition collection of graphic t-shirts comprises of 10 t-shirts each representing a World Cup team and are created with the help of publisher PANINI and ten artists from ten respective countries. The artists working on this collection includes KAKO for Brazil, Iain Macarthur for England, Bolt Graphics for Holland, Superexpresso for Italy, Mister Walker for South Africa, Jorn Kaspuhl for Germany, Théo Gennitsakis for Greece, Inocuo The Sign for Spain, NASA for Argentina and NIARK1 for France. Aside from the artist collaborations, 55DSl has also created a special celebratory Winners t-shirt to complete the collection and round up the competition.

The collection is available now for order online at the 55DSL eShop, so those who have been awaiting for these t-shirts since it was first previewed in April can now go ahead and order theirs.