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OriginalFake - Spring/Summer 2010 - Starks Shoe Laces & Gallery1950 T-Shirt

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These may not be the most essential wardrobe items, but coolness often lies in the details. And those with a discerning eye would be able to tell if one has worn-out standard white laces that have become a little shreddy and a little trite, or something a little more meticulously planned like these OriginalFake x Starks shoestrings. Since monochrome sneakers are quite the range these days, there is no reason why one should not spruce up the classic kicks a little with a little bit of sass and bite.

The OriginalFake x Starks "Chomp" printed shoestrings will be unleashed for the betterment of all shoes out there (and yes, if you are more adventurous, pair with dress shoes or mix playfully with chukkahs and desert boots) this weekend, alongside a collaborative graphic logo tee created with Japan's Gallery1950. The t-shirt and laces will be dropping this Friday and Saturday respectively. via: Medicom Toy