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Twelve Bar - Summer 2010 - T-Shirt Collection

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In winter, sartorial complexity and depth can be created through layering and more layering to easily recreate the illusion of style. Sadly, in the steamy summer months, such antics might not work, and instead of winning with quantity, quality becomes key for every single possible item donned-- which is difficult considering most would perhaps rather wear nothing than stew in a sweat-drenched shirt. In this scenario, graphic t-shirts once again rule the streets as a quick and easy way to establish personal credo and style. And, music-inspired clothing label, Twelve Bar, is here to help.

For the label's Summer 2010 T-shirt release, Twelve Bar once again, draws inspiration from music and some notable t-shirts include the Twleve Sins T-shirt inspired by an old Herbert Albert album cover and includes the Twelve Bar "It's All Love" moniker.

The T-shirt collection is currently available online at Twelve Bar, so if you are exploring more T-shirt options for the summer months (delay laundry time, anyone?), do head on over tot he online store and check them out.