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BAPE - Ape Face Wall Clock - Kyoto BAPE Gallery Exclusive

Ape Face Wall Clock

One of the most iconic logos in streetwear today is the Ape Face logo from Japanese streetwear heavyweight BAPE. There was a time when the logo was something of a mystery outside of Japan, but now with A Bathing Ape's influences reaching well into every corner of the Earth (or at least almost every major city), it is highly recognizable. This Ape Face Wall Clock is an exclusive item produced for Bape Gallery in Japan's southern city, Kyoto. A simple and pop design makes this a good accessory for the home or office. And on a more subtle note, the design detail features red 9 and 3 digits which can be read as the beginning of Bape in 1993. via: Cliff Edge

Ape Face Wall Clock 2