ILoveDust - Jordan Brand Mural


These days, as long as one is selling an intellectual commodity which vaguely resembled making something new, one can be dubbed as creative. However, for one to actually live up to the grueling standards of "creative", it is another story entirely. East London's creative agency, ILoveDust, is one of the few companies whose work have continued to refresh and wow the crowd, and have people exclaim "That's creative!" without feeling like they are abusing the English language. After an extremely well received, high-octane collaboration with Nike Sister One to create the Nike Chase animation, ILoveDust is now back in the sports world and has worked with the Jordan Brand to create a series of murals for the label.

This energetic mural features the Jordan brand's all star team, and was created with the help of Anomaly. Rendered in a style that can be described as an interesting merger of Japanese manga and American comics, Anthony Carmelo and Dwayne Wade are penned to sweat, run and ball through these murals with a touch of almost superhero-like raw power.

These murals will be unveiled soon at select basketball courts, so cross your fingers and hope that while you are balling one day, you will be able to enjoy the energy of Melo and D'Wade.