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Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" by Steve Klein | Teaser Video

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Lady Gaga is a performer, and more so, is synonymous with fashion. Since Lady Gaga rallied the world to "Just Dance", she has been causing infectious cases of jaw-drops with her fashion choices which often includes styling sans pants but with a lot of sparkles. As indispensable as she is in the music industry, she is also a coveted presence in fashion. As such, when it comes to her latest video to drop, "Alejandro", it isn't surprising that American fashion photographer, Steve Klein, who is know for his sexual and provocative styles is on board for directing the music video.

As we are used to intricate plot lines and let's face it, homicides and deaths in Lady Gaga's often morbid yet wildly entertaining videos full of glitz and glamor, every video Lady Gaga is about to release becomes a highly anticipated fanfare. The preview to "Alejandro" had just been released, and so far, we are not seeing pills nor death yet. But behold, something exciting and different has happened-- Lady Gaga is wearing pants. Perhaps, death has been concealed somwhere else in this video, and the only way to find out, is to stay tuned for the full version's release!