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MASTERPIECE x Corona x mita sneakers x Oshman's x New Balance - CM1600

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As far as collaborations go, Japan is by far the craziest place, and this collection attests to that.  This brand new collaboration project consists of not just the standard of two or three brands, but a neck-breaking five brands. This quintet of a collaboration is from MASTERPIECE, Corona, mita sneakers, Oshman's and New Balance. Although it is fair to say that it is a project between apparel brands, MASTERPIECE and Corona, since footwear retailers mita sneakers, Oshman's, and of course the sneaker manufacturer New Balance, are involved, the concept is not as crazy as it looks.

In this collaboration, the CM1600 is inspired by the classic original colorways of the M576, and features mesh sections against the premium pig skin suede by Wolverine. Both directors of MASTERPIECE and Corona are avid vintage apparel heads and the love for vintage has been poured into these pairs as a result. via: ARKWAX

CM1600 Gray

CM1600 Gray 2

CM1600 Gray 3

CM1600 Gray 4

CM1600 Gray 5

CM1600 Gray 6

CM1600 Gray 7

CM1600 Gray 8

CM1600 Navy

CM1600 Navy 2

CM1600 Navy 3

CM1600 Navy 4

CM1600 Navy 5

CM1600 Navy 6

CM1600 Navy 7