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adidas adiCup x Maestro Knows - Tour De Maestro | Tokyo

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Here are somethings that score reports won't tell you, despite the important information it might carry (like who gets to go to the adidas adiCup finals in Germany for instance)-- that one should never mess with a Japanese soccer team with a magnetic game strategy board and that Japan in general, take soccer extremely seriously. Thanks to Maestro Knows, who has been working with adidas to give the world an animated look inside adidas' part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup fanfare-- adiCup, we get to check out everything that goes behind and on the front line of the international soccer competition held by adidas in four major cities around the world (excluding the finals to be held in adidas' hometown, Herzogernaurach). After checking out the NYC competition which was gloriously won by The Diner Old Boys from Brooklyn, Maestro Knows heads to Japan to report on the second leg of the competition.

Maestro first touches base with Kazuki Kuraishi, who is not only the man behind adidas Originals by Originals kzk, but is also the chairman of the competition. Sure, the competition may be all about a little quilted round ball, but Maestro and Kuraishi were all about the music when off the field (Kuraishi has only been playing guitar for a year but already has eight tracks to show for it). Then, Maestro hangs out with Japanese show host, Daichi Ito, who has an interesting sense of humor that seems quite giggly and silent, yet extremely infectious. Now that you know the scores (C.A. Real Tokyo will be heading to Germany to compete for a chance to attend the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa), enjoy the video and stay tuned because Berlin is coming up next!