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adidas Originals Cantina Film | New Sneakers?

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As we had predicted (for ourselves to say the least), the latest campaign installment created by adidas Originals and Lucasfilm Ltd. for the adidas Originals "The Street Where Originality Lives" campaign is quite addicting. To be frightfully honest, who wouldn't want to watch Snoop Dogg wave a lightsaber around in one of the universe's most dangerous alien bars on the night of a 2010 FIFA World Cup live broadcast game? Then, while we were replaying the golden moment of Snoop severing an offensive alien's arm and reveling in the amputation action, we spotted what could perhaps be a pair of new release from adidas Originals.

While the video seems to be nothing more than an entertaining antic... the scene featuring Snoop Dogg's rage seems to prove that there is something more. When the arm drops lifelessly to the floor with a solemn thud, Jay Burachel's feet comes into play...with a pair of two-tone shoes we have never seen before from the adidas Originals x Star Wars collaboration. From what we can see, the pair of kicks are a mix of leather and a metallic material, but instead of the usual mixing of shades and texture we are used to, the shoes seem to be split into half vertically and then put back together. Not to read too much into it, but aren't the golden shade reminiscent of a certain awkward Droid we know (hint: C3PO)?

Does this point to an extended partnership between adidas Originals and Star Wars (a big hip-hip-hurray in that case), or is it simply a new shoe to drop from adidas Originals next season? Or, is it just smoke and mirrors? Stay tuned, and hopefully we will find out eventually as adidas Originals releases their Fall/Winter 2010 items! Stay tuned, because Freshness sure will be on the look out for these...