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Christopher Wool - Rome Exhibition at Gagosian Gallery

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When one glances at a painting in a museum, the item which impressions upon the viewer's minds is often just the end product. Mona Lisa with her smile, strange creatures swallowing human beings whole in El Bosco's Garden of Earthly Delights. The creative process is more often than not, the means to an end. However, with Chicago-born, New York City-based Christopher Wool, his latest exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome is determined to change that concept about the artistic process and product. Wool draws attention to his work and makes his process the subject and substance, and has his viewers ponder about Wool working on these pieces, instead of what the end product is.

Just opened on May 25 and will be running through July 30, Christopher Wool's latest exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome consists of abstract paintings that are created with the help of monochrome reproductions of his previous works. Be it Polaroid images or digital replications, Wool revisits his past work and through the process of both application and cancellation, he juxtaposes the directness and immediacy of the artist's hand with mediating effects of reproduction. In this intense process of creating something new from something older and reproduced, he makes the process and how-to-paint, the subject and life of his work, instead of shining the spotlight on the end product. On a metaphorical level, Wool plays with the concept of ephemera, life and change with his creations.

In Wool's own words, "I became more interested in how to paint than what to paint."

Christopher Wool
Gagosian Gallery
Via Francesco Crispi 16 | Map
00187 Rome

Exhibition Dates: May 25th (Sunday) - July 30th (Friday)