Dee & Ricky x Russ and Reyn - Limited Edition Prints


These are not the actual Dee & Ricky assembled LEGO creations, but they incorporate more interesting elements, can be framed, and will instantly spruce up your white walls. Taking their 3D play to a new dimension (or more accurately, a reduction in dimensions), Dee & Ricky has teamed up with Russ & Reyn to create some limited edition prints of the LEGO duo's creations.

Cheeky and whimisical with Dee & Ricky's interpretation of idioms such as "Eat Your Heart Out" (as pictured with a fork piercing a piece of LEGO, apparently removed from a LEGO heart), and "Heart Burn" (a blue LEGO heart placed strategically and nerve wreckingly below a lit cigarette) will hopefully put a smile on your face. If not, they are impressive pieces that should evoke some conversation when entertaining at home. The prints are limited in numbers and are currently available for order on hi, hello, high five. If you can't get your hands on one...can we just say, "Eat Your Heart Out".