HEAD PORTER - Shati Brick Rucksack and Boston Bag

Shati Brick Boston Bag 3

HEAD PORTER have launched the Shati Brick Rucksack and Boston Bag which comes in an eye catching dark green color. The highly functional bags are tailored to meet our versatile lifestyles. It goes without saying that the rucksack is a refined design that can be used for serious outdoor activities or for short trips. Equipped with numerous compartments and pockets to store objects safely and adjustable straps on each corner allows the backpack to increase or decrease in capacity easily. On the other hand, the Boston Bag is nothing to be looked down on either with its minimal design housing couple of useful compartments and velcro strap on the bottom. via: The-Glade

Shati Brick Rucksack

Shati Brick Rucksack 2

Shati Brick Rucksack 3

Shati Brick Rucksack 5

Shati Brick Rucksack 4

Shati Brick Boston Bag

Shati Brick Boston Bag 2

Shati Brick Boston Bag 4