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LRG United Nations World Cup Series

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If you were watching Lakes pound Celtics' yesterday on ESPN for ABC, during a quick breather between Kobe Bryant's near magical shots with an injured finger (apparently Kobe is still invincible with only nine functioning fingers), you would have noticed the announcement for 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcasts to come next Friday. Indeed, after four years of anxious hiatus, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is back with full force, and labels who are hopping onto the soccer game are growing in numbers, so much so we can't even count them with two hands anymore. Now to join in the fun already stirred up by sportswear giants such as Nike, adidas, PUMA, Reebok and Umbro, is California-born Lifted Research Group (LRG).

To commemorate the joyous soccer occasion which will fulfill sports fanatics' adrenaline withdrawal after the NBA Champion is declared, LRG has created a United Nations World Cup series of polo shirts with matching New Era hats. The team represented in the LRG collection comprises of six countries including South Africa, Spain, Jamaica and Germany. The polos are rendered in a colorful vintage rugby polo style complete with crests, team colors and of course, a cool "LRG United Nations" detail on the underside of the collar that can will be visible when popped with a preppy air.

Let's just put this in the list of World Cup-watching gear and say that the options for appropriate game gear has now expanded for the better!