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Sony PIIQ Headphones | Available Now

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Surprisingly, for a power user, especially those who enjoy some sonic blasts while tearing through the power or tricking on the ramps, headphones are perhaps one of the most fragile items. Meanwhile, if you do manage to get your hands on a pair of sturdy ones, they are slightly less eye-catching, and are quite basic in black as though black is the only thing that conveys toughness. Determined to change the game, Sony had just released a series of new headphones, PIIQ (pronounced as "peek") that not only fuses style and function, but are targeted for those who live life on the edge with multiple shots of adrenaline.

Inspired by those who live with music, creativity and action at their core, Sony rendered he collective experience of artists, skaters, street culture and all-round limit pushers into headphones that will live up to the demanding standards of those who are always seeking something better and more in both their endeavors and entertainment.

The PIIQ collection comprises of five styles to suit different users' needs, and ranges from the more hefty and powerful stereo headphones to the light, easy and basic ear buds. First up, the Marqii is one designed for those who are constantly on the go, whether pushing on the deck or riding through the city as it comes with a cushy band with slider stay power and a 40mm driver for powerful sound. Then, there is the Giiq which is slightly lighter, delivering hi-fi sound without the heft, and is built with Neodymium which is essentially the strongest permanent magnet to transmit crystal clear sonic experience. For those who indeed wear and tear their way through the streets and gadgets, the Triqii is tough with scar resist skin and bass boost, and designed to keep up with everything the user does. Last but not least, for music buffs who favor something light, the PIIQ collection also has the Qlasp which is an in-ear ear bud and the Exhale which is a basic bud with a big beat sound.

The collection is currently available for purchase at PIIQ, so please do your playlist and Jay-Z a little justice, by giving them the playback they so rightfully deserve.