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Freshness Week In Review: 5/31/2010 - 6/4/2010

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For the Lakers fans, this is possibly the greatest start to the weekend ever, as the Lakers have successfully embarked on the Los Angeles revenge against their long-time arch-rival, the Boston Celtics. And to put a few cherries on top of what tastes like the championship title icing, Kobe Bryant was playing with magical skills sans one finger. Essentially, with the NBA finals having officially kicked off on Thursday, this side of the world has taken their minds off 2010 FIFA World Cup for a quick moment.

Basketball tales and Celtics versus Lakers rivalry aside, one of the key things to note this week includes quite a sizable preview from Nike Sportswear as we get a first look into what to expect for Fall/Holiday 2010 (nothing like a little forward planning in terms of allocating the dough), and adidas Originals had just dropped a very humorous latest installment to their "The Street Where Originality Lives" campaign that is bound to get some geek juices flowing. Also, a coverage not to be missed is Freshness' dive into the Oakley Military division. Not sure what that is? Time to click on ahead and get a little reading done (or a little pictorial browsing).

OriginalFake x Starks Laces - Chomper Laces Series | Available Now


These are not your ordinary laces. These come with a bit of sass and bite, and are now available to be conquered and tamed by the brave.

» OriginalFake x Starks Laces - Chomper Laces Series | Available Now


adidas Originals Cantina Film | Video


Snoop Dogg playing with a lightsaber? David Beckham getting recruited to play soccer for Jabba the Hut? Jay Burachel, Ciara, DJ Neil Armstrong and Ian Brown hanging out at the Mos Eisley Cantina bar on Tatooine filled with the shadiest villains and clientele in the universe? This really only happens on the street where originality lives.

» adidas Originals Cantina Film | Video

» adidas Originals Cantina Film | New Sneakers?


Oakley - BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Did you know that Oakley, aside from making cool shades (hello, Frogskins!) and outdoor gear (snowboarding goggles!) and outdoor gear, they also have a military division? And-- they have a tank? A real one! Learn more about Oakley with Freshness as we dive into their headquarters.

» Oakley - BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

» Oakley - BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle | The Facts


Nike Sportswear - Fall/Holiday 2010


Like Nike Sportswear? Like running? Well, you are in luck because Fall/Holiday 2010 is all about the modern runners at Nike Sportswear. Check out the apparel, shoes and collaboration with fabric company Maharam!

» Nike Sportswear - Fall/Winter 2010 - Apparel

» Nike Sportswear - Fall/Winter 2010 - Footwear

» Nike Sportswear x Maharam - Fall/Winter 2010 - Dunk High

» Nike Sportswear x Maharam - Apparel Collection


Nike Sportswear - Fall/Winter 2010 - Japan Media Preview


» Nike Sportswear - Fall/Winter 2010 - Japan Media Review

» Nike Sportswear - Fall/Winter 2010 - Japan Media Review Part II

Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite


» Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite


Lego Felt-Tip Printer | Video


This is perhaps the best evidence that Youtube has not only revolutionized the way we consume media but has also pushed more people to be creative. Never thought that building a printer out of Lego with little Lego man would be feasible? Here we can prove you wrong.

» Lego Felt-Tip Printer | Video


ilovedust - Jordan Brand Mural


Behold, these animated murals that are an interesting mix of the Japanese manga and American traditional comic styles will possibly be hitting public basketball courts near you. And, perhaps you will be playing under the watchful gaze of Melo and D'Wade soon.

» ilovedust - Jordan Brand Mural


Dee & Ricky x Casio G-Shock GA-110


Surprisingly, not the entire watch is built out of Lego blocks (well, the shock-resistance would have been very questionable...). But, if you can't see how the Dee & Ricky has worked the canvas of their livelihood-- the Lego block-- into the watch... read on and we can point it out to you.

» Dee & Ricky x Casio G-Shock GA-110


Jeff Koons x BMW M3 GT2 Art Car | Unveiled


Two months ago, BMW announced that Jeff Koons (the man who brought us some very expensive and impressive chrome balloon animal sculptures) will be joining the ranks of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein to create a BMW Art Car to be raced at the 24 Hours Le Mans endurance race, this week, the car has finally been unveiled at Paris' Centre Pompidou. Art on speed? Definitely.

» Jeff Koons x BMW M3 GT2 Art Car | Unveiled