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Breaking News: Apple iPhone 4 Announced!

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After tumultuous sneaks, leaks and guesses both fruitless and sometime accurate, Steve Jobs has finally confirmed the launch of Apple's next big thing-- the Apple iPhone 4. Sure, we had seen the leaked iPhone 4 a while back when a little drunken bar saga happened in California, but what is the new iPhone 4 about exactly? Let's just say its new powerful specifications might make the currently iPhone 3GS look like a Discman (and the iPhone 4 shall be an iTouch, how about that?). As announced approximately two hours ago at the Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) 2010, the brand new Apple iPhone 4 will be hitting AT&T extremely soon on June 24, with pre-order starting next week, starting at $199 for 16G.

So, what makes the new iPhone 4 so jaw-dropping and amazing, and might perhaps convert many Droid or berry believers to become Apple evangelists? First off, the new iPhone 4 has an improved display named "Retina Display" which measures at 326ppi, and according to Jobs, is beyond human eye limit distinction. The high resolution display is four times as powerful as the previous iPhone, and is an IPS display similar to the iPad.

Another issue addressed and improved in the new iPhone is an extended battery life. While iPhone 4 is the thinnest smartphone, its battery size has been increased and is able to conduct up to seven hours of 3G talk, six hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video (the new supercharged battery will be extremely compatible with the new Netflix application) and 40 hours of music. As for WiFi, iPhone 4 is upgraded to 802.11n for all your browsing needs.

Battery talk aside, another key feature on the new iPhone 4 is FaceTime, which is a video chat function that can be enabled with the new front-facing camera. Yes, the new iPhone 4 will come equipped with two cameras, and the one in the back will also be feature a LED flash. The new camera measures at 5MP and has 5x digital zoom to improve the quality of your twitpics and Facebook Mobile Uploads. While on the subject of camera, iPhone 4 also comes with HD video recording capabilities (720p/30fps) and an iMovie app for all your video-editing needs on the go.

Taking a deeper look inside, the iPhone 4 uses the A4 processor (same as the iPad), and continues to run on GSM/UMTS Radio which iPhone users love. The stainless steel band which wraps around the new iPhone acts as the antenna system. Looks wise, the iPhone 4 is exactly what we had expected it to look like with the previous leak spoiling the secret (not that anyone who isn't working at Apple is complaining), and Jobs compared its sleek, black looks to a Leica camera. Whether you can see the resemblance or not, with quite a big leap forward in terms of upgrades, perhaps looks isn't the point here. However, for the camp of folks who have been complaining that the iPhone is wonderful but should look different, Apple sure addressed the issue.

Now the only problem is to figure out what to do with AT&T's new data pricing plan which no longer includes the $30-a-month unlimited data usage. via: Engadget