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Cassette Playa x MEDICOM TOY 100% BE@RBRICK

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Who says adults can't play with toys? Japan's MEDICOM TOY have decided that toys are not only just for kids, but they can also be collectibles, and appropriate for all ages. And apparently, a large convoy of folks agree because MEDICOM TOY's Be@rbrick is perhaps one of the most popular collaborative canvas after the plain white t-shirt. Just dropped at colette and joining the ranks of collaborators on MEDICOM TOY's extensive portfolio is Carrie Munden's playful urban tribal label, Cassette Playa.

Infusing Cassette Playa's wild antics with the Be@rbrick design, the new Be@brick 100% is rendered in a bright translucent purple with contrasting orange stripes down its chest. Flipping the Be@brick over, Cassette Playa's logo has been rewritten in what could possibly be caveman's stick figure pictogram-- if they come in alphabet forms. The purple Be@rbrick is currently available for order online via colette, so here's another to add to your collection of vinyl figurines.