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NOOKA Mercury Sunglasses Collection

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NOOKA is perhaps one of the revolutionary labels when it comes to telling time. As if determined to invent a new perspective of looking at time, just as man had invented the sun dial then switched to analog, then digital, NOOKA's watches are often clandestine agents of the unwavering standard equal to all on earth. Hence, when it comes to form and norms, NOOKA is known for taken the road less traveled (or often untraveled, in its case of design). This summer, NOOKA veers away from its signature timepiece ventures and gets a little shady with the shades for summer. While one wonders, how is it possible to put a new twist on something that is basically made up of frames and lenses, NOOKA decided to apply a little geometric edge to its new collection of shades, named Mercury.

Quite space-retro-futuristic, the new Mercury sunglasses collection looks like a mash-up of hexagonal pieces taken out of a honeycomb and reworked into frames. Don't let the attention grabbing appearance fool you-- while these may be heavy on the spotlight, they are ultra lightweight and promises not to flatten your nose bridge. The shades come in your basic black and white, and for the more adventurous, also come in four different neon shades.

Why do we have a slight suspicion that these will turn up in music videos featuring ladies in booty shorts some time soon?