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BAPE x KAWS - Bapesta

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BAPE was definitely one of the catalyst that catapulted KAWS into who he is today and the project that showcased the talents of KAWS were the Bapesta sneakers. The trademark designs such as XX and Chompers teeth patterns are commonplace today but these Bapesta models featured them first in a mass produced products. Japan's Cliff Edge has gotten a small batch of brand new sneakers in stock in limited sizes. Colors vary from plain white to metallic silver to camo pattern. If the shoes fit then it might be worth snatching it before someone else does.

Bapesta White Chompers

Bapesta Gray

Bapesta White Camo 2

Bapesta Olive Drab

Bapesta White Camo

Bapesta Green

Bapesta White

Bapesta Khaki

Bapesta Silver