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New Balance - M1400 IF

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M1400 IF 4

The M1300 model from New Balance is a classic model with superior comfort and lightness is said to have even impressed fashion heavyweight, Ralph Lauren.  While on the subject of M1300, the M1400 is the predecessor of the aforementioned model, but it has remained buried as a concept model for a long time due to lack of technological advancement. The new M1400 now sports an outdoor-inspired colorway which is quite attention grabbing in a perfectly balanced palette of tan, black and purple. The material choice for the M1400 is also interesting with a mix of suede, reflector, mesh and smooth leather. White midsole and black/yellow outsole complete the package that is more mature than youthful. via: Gettry

M1400 IF

M1400 IF 2

M1400 IF 3