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Conveyor Fred Segal x Akomplice Clothing - The Paint Project

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This is a very simply physics concept taught in fifth grade-- white reflects radiation and black absorbs it. A quick science lesson recap- white is so "colored" because it reflects the entire spectrum of visible light waves, and black is so "non-colored" because it absorbs the entire spectrum. Thus, it is cooler to wear white in the summer so as not to absorb extra energy. Taking a simple concept into useful eco-friendly application, by painting roads and roofs a paler color has an effect equivalent to taking every car in the world off the road for 11 years. A stunning statistic, isn't it? In a determined attempt to help reduce the effects of global warming, Akomplice Clothing and Conveyor Fred Segal have teamed up to release "The Paint Project", a limited edition pack designed to launch in six continents with 10% of the proceeds going to "White Roof Alliance".

The Paint Project aims to spread the good message of "cool roofs" across the world, by encourage people to lighten up and turn their dwellings into agents that will help slow down global warming. By painting roofs a lighter color, this will not only help reduce the temperature of urban centers by reflecting a significant amount of solar radiation back into space, but it will also improve the quality of urban air, thus reducing our needs to turn on the air conditioner, and in turn, help us conserve both money and energy. The Paint Project consists of a limited edition t-shirt, a paintbrush to help kick start your remodeling project, and hand-numbered certificate of authenticity-- all adorably packaged into a co-branded paint can.

To help launch the project the right way, Akomplice Clothing and Conveyor Fred Segal will be hosting an exclusive event on June 16 at the Fred Segal store in Santa Monica, CA. The event will sport an unveiling of a month-long in store art exhibition which helps to translate and spread the "cool roof" message. Also, Akomplice Clothing have been working with the city of Los Angeles to help find a suitable demonstration site to implement cool-colored roof using materials supplied by EnviroSafe Paints (which contains no-VOC). Akomplice Clothing and Conveyor Fred Segal will embark on their international, six-continent tour after the North American debut, and will be hitting Asia in December.