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Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite | Detailed Look

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It's interesting how the merger of two classic favorites can create something that seems so new, so unprecedented and out of the world. Yes, Nike has revived two great things from their extensive encyclopedic archives of technology and shoes-- the perennial favorite of sneakerheads everywhere and collaborators, the Air Force 1, and the beloved performance Foamposite technology. Now, rendering the Air Force 1 in Foamposite is not just about lending the classic Air Force 1 a futuristic look that seems to have been fished back from way ahead of our time, but in terms of comfort, it has successfully removed seams from the upper to create a seamless support. We had previously previewed the Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite and now we have better and more detailed pictures to satisfy your sneakerhead curiosity and help prevent excessive Googling which may lead to nothing but a void of disappointment.

So here goes, when the Nike Air Force 1 meets the Foamposite, the upper is immediately transformed into a gorgeous, seamless molded creation that is only made possible with the special Foamposite two mold precess. The two mold process was originally embraced by NBA superstars and the urbanites in the know about sneakers. Not only does the Foamposite exude a futuristic look ahead of its time, it is also more durable, more supportive and more protective than other shoes. Meanwhile, only the Air Force 1 can lend the kind of character that can only be developed through near three decades of making it from the hoops to the streets, and pacing through successful collaboration after successful collaboration.

Aside from the distinctive upper with a subtle molded Swoosh, the Nike Air soles are incorporated with another element of the Foamposite-- the clear window which allows one to look into the soul (soles) of the shoes. Set to hit respectable sneaker retailers this Fall/Winter in at least two colorways, we believe these will be making sneaker history, and on self-respecting sneakerhead should miss out on it.